Drink Packages Available

Make life on board easy while saving money

For comparison, the average cost of a mixed drink on the ship is $13. A wine glass is $10-16, beer is $7.25, sodas and sparkling water are $3.25, and bottled water is $2.25 (these are current prices and may increase before the destination date).


Can I just purchase a drink package for me and share with my significant other/family?

No. RCCL requires that anyone in the same cabin over the age of 21 purchase the deluxe package if another person in the cabin has purchased it. If you are caught sharing your package, RCCL will disable your package and will not provide a refund of your package fare. 

Are gratuities included with the package cost?

Yes! All gratuities are included! Although, having a few dollar bills with you will get you a long way with the bartenders (or just add a dollar on your Seapass receipt!)