Level Up Your Caribbean Celebration

Are you getting excited to set sail with your Symmetry Family to enjoy a week in paradise? You may think it can’t get any better. Well, it can.

On a world-class ship like Oasis of the Seas, comfort, style and luxurious amenities are abound. Now with Symmetry’s Level Up! Program, next-level amenities are closer than you may think.

Do you want a better view of the Caribbean blue from your room? A balcony to gaze at the stars? Your dreams can become a reality when upgrading your cabin with Symmetry’s Level Up! Program.

With our new program, all you have to do is place a bid with what you are willing to spend for a cabin of your dreams. Simply use the form below to select your preferred room upgrade and include your bid to secure it. With some clever bidding, you could be rewarded a sweet suite!

Level Up Bid Form


  1. Your account must be in good standing in order for your bid to be approved. “Good standing” means on a SFG Approved payment plan or caught up with your SeaReg payments.
  2. Once you submit a bid it becomes a binding contract to make the payment in full of the new amount. Payment options include:
    • Pay for the upgrade up front
    • Add upgrade amount to your existing SFG extended payment plan
    • Create a new payment plan
  3. Upgrades are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from Registration@sfglife.com to let you know your upgrade has been approved. Once you receive the confirmation email, your upgrade will be processed within seven days.
  4. If your upgrade is not approved, you will receive an explanatory email. Reasons cited in the email cannot be disputed and will not be reconsidered. You may resubmit a new bid for reconsideration once your bid is denied. Reasons for denial can include:
    • Non-payment or behind on payments
    • Cabin type unavailable
    • Cabin type unavailable with your occupancy level
    • Your payment was declined